Japan - Tales of Nostalgia

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Japan - Tales of Nostalgia

Tales of Nostalgia is a collection of posters and illustrations by BineJoMo, inspired by our experience in life: childhood, youth, birth of a child, dreams of the future, and so on. A collection that celebrates the many stages and emotions we experience  - love and happiness together with the face that life sometimes turns into directions that you did not see coming.

This poster Japan is about the time I meet my husband. We made a list of countries, we wanted to visit, and both had Japan as the main country. So we agreed to travle to Japan within the next year. What we did not not knew at the time was, that I was expecting our daughter. So haven't been to Japan yet but we will one day. This poster about that life do not always turn out like you planned it to be. 

All the illustrations and posters are made by BineJoMo.

They are printed high quality FSC uncoated paper, and produced by a professional printmaker. The posters have an exclusive, vibrant and tactile feeling sense to them. The posters comes n three different sizes. Shipped in a protective envelope or box, with a personal greeting on it.  

If any questions, please feel free to contact me. 

Kindest regards BineJoMo