BineJoMo Studio is a Copenhagen based creative & illustrative design studio. Projects involves illustrative, graphic and interior design projects for small and large companies national and internationally. 

The studios head designer, is Bine Jo Mortensen that have both a Master in Visual design from The Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen and also a Master of Visual Culture, Art History, from the University of Copenhagen. So with two masters, a creative mind and a lot of marketing experience, it's a great combination for making sustainable design solutions for all branches. BineJoMo Studio do projects within interior design, design consulting, graphic, packaging and digital design. The studio are based on research, curiosity, divergent thinking, humor, analytical skills and the love to develop new concepts, products and ideas for all kinds of branches, private persons, NGO´s, small and large companies. 

We sell our artwork both to private and retail sale. If you are curious, have commissioned work, requirements, or have any questions about how we might be able to help you, please dont hesitate to contact us - see below or by directly by hello@binejomo.com 

Let’s grab a coffee and talk business over skype or some other virtual platform:) 

Kind Regards Bine Jo Mortensen