Sloe Finur

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Sloe - Finur

The Finur represent the weird elements that we humans often processes, but which no one really shows. It is the funny, crazy, deformed parts of the human body, mind and nature. Like Sloe Finur, illustrates when you discover that your feet are not going the way you want them to. Or like some of the other Finur is like that you are not always the femme fatale, you thought you were last night. Or like Finur is about that living life sometimes is like working in a circus, others are about being different. But all of the illustrations are about if we stick together, use humor and love life, then we are not so different. All of these funny weird and quirky parts of life, is what I love to discover, either in myself or in the world around me. 

Sloe Finur is about when your body wont do as you tell it to. Like when your feet turns the wrong way, so you stumble in all the wrong places and situations. They seem big and bulky, especially in the morning.

All the Finur illustrations are hight quality digital printed Illustrations. The original illustration are made with original Chinese ink, which has a very deep black sense to it. 160 g ClaireFontaine paper. Size 21,0 cm x 29,7 cm. Shipped in a protective envelope.

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