Almost Normal Amount of Legs

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Almost Normal Amount of Legs

This is an illustration, a serie, about the word 'Almost'. Almost are never really good or bad, or the word almost can be about hidden something, behind some strange feelings. The feeling you get, when someone says " I almost love you" , "You almost made it", "Theres almost nothing wrong with you", "You almost funny" and so on. So this little 'Almost' can mean a lot. In this serie illustrations is about that the persons have 'almost normal' amount of legs, 'almost' can go into a split, 'almost' riding that bike right and that the arms are 'almost' normal. 

Looks really great alone or in combination with all four og The Almost Normal Finur. Looks also great in a record / album frame. 

160 g ClaireFontaine paper. 
Size 21,0 cm x 21,0 cm
Shipped in a protective envelope - with a small personal greetings on it;)  

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