Hang with Me

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Hang With Me

Hang with me is a part of the I Wonder series of illustrations.

One wonders, is a series of illustrations created from the questions humans meet throughout life. People have always wondered, but has modern man become inferior to wondering with the modern lifestyle? Maybe we should wonder some more? Here are some things one can wonder about: …

....That things are not right. ...

....knowing 'you win and I get peace' never feels very good.

….At toes are so ugly when it's us who hold us up.

…. That the sky fills so little.

… At the hat never really fits.

… In so few, the sea takes home.

… At the bottom is not the top.

… With me I am the only one who is invisible.

… With music, I want to be able to fly.

Good quality digital printed Illustration. The original illustration are handmaid made with charcoal, acrylic, pencil and ink fra direct imported from China. 

Great for framing or giving as a gift for loved ones, friends and more. 

160 g. ClaireFontaine fine paper.
Size 29,7 cm x 42,0 cm
180 gram paper.

Shipped in a protective envelope

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Best regards BineJoMo